A Warm Welcome to ProfCoach Ltd

We would love to empower you in consistentally staying motivated in pursuing your personal and professional goals.

Why us?

Our approach is underpinned by theory and practice from development in education, business and coaching over a period of 25 years. 

Your Coaching Professional is here help shape your perspective in becoming the BEST version of YOU.

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   ProfCoach works with clients who are:



  • planning to relocate, or have recently been placed in a new working setting;


  • experiencing challenges- cultural or linguistically ‘fitting into’ their new environment;


  • planning to deliver a critical talk, or planning for a big international event such as, a sporting event;


  • value working with a professional coaching, an impartial person who will measure and hold them accountable in enhancing performance;


  • re-entering their professional role after being furloughed, or have had a career break for personal reasons;


  • considering changing their working environment, and are NOW ready to explore alternative, more purposeful and fulfilling GROWTH options;


  • motivated in taking action to reach their ideal life vision (macro gaol/s);


  • looking to explore how their current systems (personal and professional) can support them in creating positive experiences in all major areas of their life;


  • have landed a dream job and would love to continue thriving and maintaining a ‘work life’ balance, without being burnt-out on their new exciting path;

  • Training provision to enhance team dynamics.