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Is ProfCoach right for me?

A wide range of evidence-based approaches are used ranging from applied psychology to educational theories to support clients in understanding their world perspective. You will be supported in making informed decisions and gaining new and advanced insights into your own life journey.


Coaching can be extremely rewarding and challenges our own assumptions at times. It may require taking bold actions to make the necessary linguistic changes still needed. We are with you along the way and provide ample opportunities for accountability ensuring you thrive.


As well as meeting for the one-to-one coaching sessions, we ask that you take timely actions. 

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How do I get started with my ProfCoach sessions?


As soon as you think that you are ready to get going, the initial step would be to book a free 30-45 minute coaching, no-obligation, session. It is a chance to openly chat to find out how we can support you and whether we are ‘good fit’ together.


Once it is agreed that we will work together, we will agree on a set a date for the first session and the subsequent sessions. A copy of our ProfCoach Agreement will be sent for you to read, sign and return. This ensures and promotes an ongoing safe, transparent and confidential coaching relationship.


We will follow up with a full ProfCoach Welcome Pack once we have your signed copy via email to proceed.


If we feel it is not a suitable time to get started, we will offer alternative solutions that may be preferable for that point in time.

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How will I be coached?


The coaching sessions will take place online using a secure unique Zoom link. The link will be sent in an email once the coaching sessions have been agreed upon. We would ask that you complete the preparation form which will be sent to you before each session, and ensure that you are in an environment where you are unlikely to be disturbed during the coaching call.  

Each coaching session lasts up to one hour.

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Is ProfCoach confidential?


We take extra care in providing a safe and confidential coaching service to all our clients. We are transparent from the onset and share a ProfCoach Privacy and Confidential Agreement prior to starting the coaching relationship.

We are always more than happy to discuss the terms of the agreement with you and support you with access as needed.